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What does Miss Kansas have to do with Jericho?
An inappropriate connection is the answer. In a group it is important to remember that what is relevant to one may not be relevant to another. As an example I have never been able to make an important or pertinent connection between Jericho the TV show and the very real war in Iraq. Some amongst our ranks have made this connection. I cannot say that this has ever really bothered me except when I have witnessed fans being admonished because they did not share a similar belief. In my mind those who make a connection between Jericho and the War are a sub group who naturally can encourage others to join with them in their beliefs but should never seek to punish those who choose not to participate.
Separation of Church and Jericho
I have a deep and ongoing appreciation for religion but I do not think a forum about a television show is the place to discuss or practice it. When a prayer was initiated in a chat room prior to a promotional meeting I attended I was really turned off. When I read that decisions important to the entire fandom are being arrived at after much prayer I wonder why the author of the post feels the need to divulge this. I believe sensitivity to the diversity of a group demands we adopt a secular approach to the way we conduct the groups business. This does not mean that one should not be allowed to pray for the good of the group. Just that the prayer would be better off kept to ones self or at least to the off topic section of the message board.
There is a Jericho fan whose chosen screen name is a direct religious reference. I never knew this until a thread came along which explored the origins of our screen names. I would not have guessed this person was religious and I find this inspiring.
“Money will buy you a fine dog, but only love can make it wag its tail”
-Richard Friedman
I rarely spend money on Jericho. I feel that this is the Job of CBS. I spend my time on Jericho and my time is valuable. I believe it is inappropriate and detrimental to our group to continually come up with promotional initiatives which cost the fans money. Rather than feel bad about not contributing, many who can not afford to contribute will leave. Fewer members will spread the monetary responsibilities amongst fewer contributors and more will leave. Add this to the natural exodus which occurs in a group like ours over time and I believe it amounts to money not so well spent.
New Kid on the Blog
Like many of you this is my first real experience in a fandom and on message boards. The more I ask myself what the save Jericho campaign has taught me the more I think it is the ability to discern the appropriate way to conduct myself in a group setting. Knowing what to post where is an important skill online and now that I know this I finally realize why I started this blog.


Jericho Saved said...

Wow Terocious! I agree with you. Some of the connections to Jericho leave me shaking my head.
I love your blog and it's a valuable contribution to the Jericho universe.

AmyV said...

Very interesting, terocious. Some excellent points.

I think that what people forget is that it takes all kinds to make up a fandom and what draws one person to any television show may not be what drew another fan. For example, some folks may have tuned into Jericho in the first place because they luvvvvvv Skeet (and who can blame them, really?). Others were huge fans of Major Dad. Others love the post-apocalyptic theme. Others saw it as a metaphor for war (current, past or future). I could go on.

Point is, all are true fans of the show. And if someone else finds something else that draw them to the show, wonderful. The cool thing about a television show is that it can be all things to all people, because each person takes his or her beliefs to the tube with them.

The key, as you point out, is not to chastise others for not holding the same beliefs. A vast group of unconnected and utterly diverse folks saved a little show named Jericho; IMHO they should revel in that connection rather than despairing of their differences.

Anonymous said...

I have come to enjoy your blog very much, doesn’t mean I always agree with you, but I am sure you know that. This time I felt inclined to reply, forgive the length of it.

As far as religion and Jericho not mixing well, let me start by saying I am not by any means a religious person. I have been in both meetings and chats with many groups where some felt starting with a prayer was appropriate, while I choose not to participate, I respect that some do. I have volunteered my feelings on the issue of religion to many people and was never felt to be outcast or shunned for having them. It is my choice and I have always felt my choice was respected.

If it is posted that someone has fallen ill, or has reached a difficult time and needs support, its important in my opinion that we all send the support we are most able to give. A prayer from one person may be the equivalent of a **HUG** or a “Wishing You Well” from another – I am not convinced there is a difference. Offering support to one another is what makes us the group we are, I don’t feel anyone should be limited to a particular list of what type of support they need to choose from.

I also tend to disagree with you about people feeling “punished” for not monetarily participating in efforts. I have witnessed many posts reassuring people that no effort was ever there to put anyone in a financial bind or to be forced upon them in any way. Much like the water bottles to the cast, an open invitation was sent for fans to write notes to the cast whether they contributed or not. With reference to the DVDs for troops, there always was a Jericho connection – over 100 Jericho DVD’s were circulated via this effort. I also look at the DVD effort as quite an incredible accomplishment amongst the fans. Not only have the Jericho fans brought attention to an organization that helps our troops daily like the Staten Island Project Homefront, but we have provided troops with hours of entertainment while at the same time, been able to give Jericho (and we fans) a little good press. Personally, I have contributed to every effort with the exception of one since May; I always felt this was my choice each and every time. If I have the means, if I have the desire and if I take a liking to the idea, I will continue to do so, with a complete understanding that many can’t or do not.

Much like yourself this is my first experience with a fandom. I too have learned many great lessons and expect there are many more ahead. Yet, at the end of the day, when I sit and think about it all, I realize something very interesting (to me at least), I remain the same person today that I was before my very first post. In May it was my belief that relationships are formed and grow with an unspoken and unconditional mutual respect and understanding for one another. It is my opinion that this way of thinking would no doubt lead to a natural display of proper conduct. I still feel the same way today.

It’s all about choices in my opinion. Choices are yours; think them through, make them, be happy with them and be proud of them, the rest will fall into place.

I respect you for speaking your mind T, hope you don't mind I did too...MikesMom

terocious said...

Jericho saved,

Thank you for your encouragement. I am not sure if finding ones way as a blogger is an ongoing experience but for me, so far, it has been. It is very cool to hear from another blogger whom you respect that your blog has worth.

Amy V,

Spoken like a true TV blogger.

I love the list you gave to describe the many avenues we may have taken to arrive here as fans and yes, you are right this list could go on forever. Would it go too far to say television has always been a vehicle for bringing people of many different backgrounds together? I lived by choice for about ten years without TV and I must admit there were many times I felt left out of a conversation because of it.

I still do my watching online. This summer as Jericho was being shown in repeat I would launch the episode on innertube at the same time Jericho was being shown on television. It felt really good to know I was sharing the experience with the other Jericho fans in my time zone. ;-)

Mikes Mom,

I am glad you spoke your mind. My first, best hope for the Junction is that it should facilitate discussion.

Recently I have been struggling to comprehend and internalize the concept of Netiquette. (Etiquette for the net) It seems to me that in an environment like a forum for a TV show where you cannot possibly know the religious affiliation of the other participants that special care should be taken to allow for all possible combinations.

When Judist63’s brother Mark was injured in a motorcycle accident, I myself started a thread called “Prayer for Mark”. I purposely put it in the off topic forum of CBS and even still the thread was rated 4 stars which means that someone felt something negative about it. Speculating what that something could be is silly so I won’t but I do find it interesting.

I totally agree about the Prayer/Hug thing. I chose to bring up the opening prayer at the meeting only because I find that inappropriate.

You were right to call me out on my use of the word “punish”. What I meant was rebuke and I have witnessed fans rebuking others for being unwilling to participate monetarily in an effort. I have also witnessed what you described where fans have said to one another: “Every effort, no matter how small is important and we should all do what we can.”

My post was in no way designed to demean The DVD’s for the Troops initiative. I just wanted to point out that Jericho and the War in Iraq is not a connection I would ever have made. One is a thrilling, interesting and engaging fantasy and the other is a stone cold reality. I do not hold any grudge with the contingent who wishes to connect the two. But I did want to formally recognize that supporting the troops is a secondary concern of the CBS Jericho message board. Should people be allowed to post about it? Yes. Should they be allowed to rebuke others for not sharing their enthusiasm for this secondary concern? No.

What is good for the Goose must be good for the gander so you will no longer see me posting to anyone that they should be Digging.

Good press is welcome always and this is why I am planning a Super Digg for the Pentagon interview.

Thanks for the response MM. This is all a work in progress and you make some very good points.


Anonymous said...

Thank you T.
Just an added note to my comments and in response to yours. I recall being confused attending my first Rotary meeting. The meeting started with the pledge and a prayer (still does). This is by no means a religious based organization, so it left me questioning things. It didnt take long for me to realize that the prayer was to seek guidance and strength in our efforts as a group, it really had nothing to do with our members specific religious beliefs (which is incredibly diverse) at all. So who is the prayer to then? Whoever we as individuals want it to be I imagine. Sometimes, maybe even our own selves. I imagine we all draw strength from different places and people as a result of the paths our lives have taken.

Additionally, I completely agree with you that no one should ever rebuke another for not sharing a similar like, dislike or enthusiam about anything. We are all intelligent individuals capable of forming and expressing our own opinions - and these should be respected by all, to all.

MM :-)

Anonymous said...

Tero, you are always careful and thoughtful with your posts and I for one was greatful for your "Prayer for Mark" thread. It was very heart warming for me as his sister to know that a "fandom" could come together and send well wishes and prayers for someone they don't even know but care for just because they knew me from the boards. I understand how difficult this is sometimes to be part of something like Jericho and its sub groups that form but your enlightenment and insight are always appreciated. I thought that putting Marks prayer thread in the off topic section was brilliant. It allowed a place for those who wanted to participate to go and leave a prayer or well wishes to Mark and not feel like it was an inappropriate place to do so.
I also agree with your feelings about the donations and monetary giving that some of us just are unable to do and feeling somewhat awkward because we can't afford to donate to a cause. I have felt guilty on occasion myself because there are times when the money just isn't there to send. I am so glad that I am not the only one who has felt this way and even tho I have, I will never leave the boards because of it. I know what is in my heart and I love Jericho and the fight we had together to save the show. I did buy nuts to send to CBS but I didn't send alot of money. I don't think that anyone ever made me feel that my contribution was never enough tho. Just my thoughts buddy, I have always thought your perceptions were dead on and still do. Judist63 here.