The Main Line

Abuse can mask as mischief online
Trolls graduate to their own forums.
An unethical moderator deletes posts and bans members.
Cyber Bullies ask “What did I do?”
Abuse can mask as mischief online.


Jericho Saved said...

This is wonderful! I wouldn't have associated abuse and message boards in a million years.Thank you for the information. Very helpful.

openminded1 said...

Not until my dealings in the Jericho world have I ever seen these things going on. This is FANTASTIC information, and everyone needs to be aware that these abusers do lurk among us and have brought discord to other fandoms previously.

Balceroregontr said...

Unfortunately I have seen this type of behavior on three message boards. Two of them support groups for people with medical problems. It is distressing how some people will act when they are cloaked by the anonymity of the internet.

maybei said...

wow - very informative! Thank you for this, gives me new insight and what you can do about it. Thanks!!!

LisiBee said...

terocious, that was great, what a unique view on abuse. Unfortunately, this kind of thing happens way too frequently. Thank you for providing some very timely and helpful information.

Rich said...

Well said! :)

terocious said...

I also think anonymity is the fuel for the fire here. Plus, every one is twice removed by screen names - I did not hurt Barry, I hurt terocious and he is not real.

Thank you everyone for all the great comments.

erika said...

Very nicely done! Trolls and bullying are no fun, and the more info, the better.

Bill O said...

Trolls are horrible, how do you get rid of trolls?

deport_liberals said...

Trolls are people too!

Why do you hate trolls?

But thanks for mentioning our charming forum. Stop by some time.

lees_spork said...

What is soylent green?

agame said...

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cbtbcd12 said...

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