Will Work for Jericho

Will Work For Jericho, Will CBS?
On May 19th the blog Your Entertainment Now trumpeted “The Save Jericho Campaign Gets Positive Response from CBS”. That post received 143 comments from Jericho Fans Saying that “positive” was not good enough. Three weeks later Newsvine.com was calling Jericho saved.

The Campaign to save the CBS television program “Jericho” was an unprecedented social networking success. The people spoke. The Network Listened and Jericho flourished, Right?

Wrong. Despite Fan and Professional suggestions for promotion of the show and initial Ad attention by the network Jericho has been all but abandoned by CBS in the important lead up to its truncated second season.

It is almost impossible to look at the history of this show and deduce that it has been handled anything but badly from the very beginning. Of late CBS has exhibited more poor decision making by placing the summer re-runs on a Friday night where they were almost certain to be preempted by pre-season football. These re-runs were supposed to introduce a whole new audience to the serial drama and the fans told their families, friends and whomever would listen to watch creating a troubling scenario. Let’s examine the summer rerun season through the posts of members of the CBS Jericho Message Board.

On June 19th Debby from SC was very excited because she just saw a new commercial for Jericho.

SusanDavis inquired whether Direct TV Viewers had Problems watching Jericho tonight? (7-20)

Everyone was encouraged by a message from Nina Tassler. (7-26)

Blackjack 511 posted 0803 Show Prempted (8-3)

Azlady said I am concerned. (8-3)

SaveJake brought news of an article which was HOT OFF THE PRESS. (8-5)

Sweat629 asked what would you do If you were Nina Tassler (8-5)

Ky Storms Called on All viewers whose markets are being preempted for football (8-6)

Rubberpoultry created the image “Jericho Preempted by football”. (8-10)

Anamatopoeia wondered How are you promoting since we’re preempted now? (8-23)

Pamla777 said there is something I just don’t understand (9-1)

Somewhat exasperated Lovejohnston asked Do you want CBS to promote Jericho? (9-3)

In her first and only post to the CBS message board Wandacarroll wondered Where oh where are the commercials about Jericho? (9-9)

Jediwright pleaded Help me Jericho preempted by Ray this Friday (9-14) in Milwaukee area! (9-10)

The promotional campaign for the Jericho Season One DVD was no more reassuring for the fans than the summer re-runs. In fact the release day came and went with very little fanfare prompting Cinemablend.com to ask the Question “Did You Forget Jericho”.

The comments, I assure you, are well worth reading…


MikesMom said...

Great Job putting this promotional (or better yet, lack there of) time line together. I remember reading all of this and the frustration as it happened. To see each part of this being given an equal amount of lack of promotion by CBS make you wonder. I myself still cant get past the terrible handling of the rerun episodes, I know I lost two new viewers with its airing inconsistencies. I can't say that the JerichoRises commercials werent there, they were, I have the tracking reports to prove it that all the fans sent in - but it seemed to stop there. Thanks for taking the time to highlight this.

Rich said...

More than relevant; essential.

All my best,

chocofishie said...

thanks for doing this - and yes we will work for jericho - we just want cbs to work for it too!

let me know when it's time to digg!!

Anonymous said...

Awesome job! The only promotion I can remember is for the season premiere. That is what got me hooked even before the first episode. Then, there was no promotion.

The showing of rerun episodes was disasterous at best.

And CBS wonders why the show lost viewership?


Anonymous said...

Just let me know when and where to digg! I have been so frustrated with the poor job CBS has done.


Anonymous said...

Judist63 here....I think this is "right on" and I feel the same as all the rest. We have busted our butts to try to keep the word out for the new season of Jericho and the dvd release but where was the attention of the CBS execs? Right where it always is, Les Moonves butt! I am so tired of them talking out of both sides of their collective mouths and not living up to their end of the bargain. It screams to me that they really aren't going to do what they initially intended on and it is blatently obvious. I do however think this idea terocious has is brilliant and indicative of what needs to be done and am proud of what he has created. Thanks terocious for all of your hard work!

Susan said...
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Susan said...

I am so disappointed by CBS and the way they have handled everything regarding Jericho's return from the re-runs to the DVD release. I am more than ready to digg and let my voice be heard....again. Great idea and thank you! We all deserve better than what CBS has dished out.