The Main Line

The Last Ordinary Day.

02/11/08 - CBS put to rest our familiar theme on the Jericho boards. I was able to pull a full size screen capture from my temporary internet files. If anyone would like a keepsake copy you can download the 1.5 megabyte file HERE..


SaveJake said...

You have no idea how much I miss this familiar place right now. It had great ambiance...warm and welcoming. The board had it's quirks but we learned to love them!
It's lost it's flair. You could put any title at the top of the new page and it would fit.
The only character left on the CBS Jericho Boards are those that we provide. Thank you all for doing what you do!
T ~ You have captured my feelings today. I'm guessing that means there are more feeling the same way....Thank you.

Trish said...

I really dislike the new look. It's generic, unwelcoming and hard on the eyes (just my opinion). It would really help if I could get the login to work too.

Jericho Returns said...

I don't like it at all.

SaveJake said...

I don't like it either. I'm a bit confused as to why it was done...?
You could honestly replace Jericho with any other title at the top and it would fit...It's that generic.
I really wonder how much time they want us on it? It is very difficult on the eyes and if you don't change your font, as most are not, it is impossible to read.

Trish, Do you use an Apple? No one can sign on using any of those systems. If not, Lisibee has signed on thru' GW boards and then jumped over to Jericho. Hope that helps.

terocious said...

This wiping of the slate is certainly timely.

The words generic and boring come to mind. Not to mention that it is hard on the eyes. This developement will take some getting used to and things will never be quite the same. I have to wonder if that is not partially the desired effect.