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"But Seriously Folks"

"Last season was about the aftermath of a nuclear attack in our small little town," says Barbee. "Season 2 is about the country and saving a system of government and a way of life. It's about occupation, resistance and then revolution."

- Carol Barbee - Baltimore Sun

““People, and by people I mean our bosses, probably prefer to not get all political,” Mr. Turteltaub said. “But that said, ‘Jericho’ is not ignoring the political and social landscape.’ ”
Specifically, he said, the show raises questions about trust in government and the implications of having unchecked power in an unstable area. The producers had prepared a plotline about military contractors months before the private security firm Blackwater was in the news concerning its involvement in the deaths of Iraqi civilians.”

- John Turtletaub - New York Times

“Jericho” is at its most provocative when it touches on the political maelstrom that might follow in the rebuilding after a nuclear attack.
Next week, the new government hands Jericho’s teachers textbooks that dramatically rewrite the last century. “At what point is this a country we no longer recognize?” Eric (Kenneth Mitchell) asks.”

Boston Herald

“Anyone who wants to see metaphorical connections to real-life America today is free to do so...
The show itself, however, does much of its best work in the shadows, where nothing is that clear. “

New York Daily News


maybei said...

“At what point is this a country we no longer recognize?”

I love that quote! The best one from the episode and I think too a hint of the hard questions the residents of Jericho will ask.

erika said...

Links to some great articles in the mainstream media. Thank you for these!