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Forget Jericho, Save CBS
OnceAmericas most watched network” CBS has announced the addition of cage fighting to its primetime lineup. That’s right I said Cage Fighting.

Everybody is watching CBS to see what kind of bonehead move it will make next. While the company showed only tepid growth for the last quarter CEO Les Moonves is on the acquisition hunt and planning to fund growth with a part of its cash reserves set aside to pay dividends to stockholders. Moonves declared war on expensive television pilots by drastically cutting the number of new shows it would bring into being. Meanwhile he claims "What is not really recognized yet is that the content on network TV is also defining success online and on all of the emerging platforms now available to consumers." You cannot have it both ways Les. You cannot profit from the controversy over the embarrassment that is Kid Nation and still call CBS the network that cares and you cannot pay less and get more. Mister Moonves is not only arrogant on the streets of LA but also in the way he runs CBS and that attitude has viewers and stock holders alike covering their eyes.


Jericho Returns said...

Perfect assessment of ClueLes Moonves. How does that man keep his job? CBS is no longer most watched and they keep having bonehead ideas.

Here's one idea. Put Les in the cage with a Jericho fan. The winner gets to run CBS.

SaveJake said...

Jane....That's a great idea!

I must admit CBS announcing their decision of the MMA Contract (cage fighting) this fall on Saturday nights blew my mind. One bad decision after another by a network "Who Cares"....!? That is family viewing on Saturday evening eh?

Between lack of support to those of us who are asking for our most cherished hour of television to where they are going with their network, I must say I see a bleak future for CBS. Not only will Les hurt his television ratings but he will also bring down Quincy and their online viewership.

People are tired of being uncounted and ignored. We will find places that are welcoming and willing to offer the products that we as consumers, will be loyal to for many years.

CBS....We have our eye on you.

erika said...

Really? Cage-fighting?! Whatever, dude. That almost makes me want CBS to give up on Jericho so some other channel can benefit from our adoration.

Plus, tero 'made' me watch a video on TMZ, and I feel dirty... ick (teehee).

Ichthus said...

It's as I feared. With viewership dropping (along with ad revenue) and cost to produce scripted programs rising, what is a network to do? Take the cheap route with more reality programs that defies description. Cage fighting, I'm afraid to ask "what's next?"

Balceroregontr said...
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Balceroregontr said...

Why not the Christians versus the Lions? They did that in the Roman Empire. We are getting less and less civilized. I wonder how low network entertainment will go. If it keeps heading this way I say we all turn our televisions off then maybe they will get the message.

Briarpatch said...

I had never heard the term 'cage fighting' before I read this. Now I am really appalled. Have they no shame?


Anonymous said...

Unfortunately the term "cage fighting" is a misnomer. Only sensationalists with a bone to pick refer to it as such. In fact Mixed Martial Arts is a very carefully controlled and sanctioned sport. It is also very popular. I also find it surprising that people have a problem with a sport that is far less violent than shows in which people are shot and killed on a regular basis.

SaveJake said...

I never heard it called 'cage fighting' myself but find it appropiate! I heard this story break on ESPN last week. I don't know who was more stunned, the announcer or me?
For those who haven't seen MMA here's a video link......


I'm not seeing Martial Arts in this clip or anything else to do with the MMA.

But this is just my opinion.