The Main Line

To Nut or Not to Nut

Nuts were really effective in the original Save Jericho Campaign and in my opinion that is where they should stay. There are far too many ways for the use of nuts in a new campaign to be used against us. Rather, I think we should use our imaginations and come up with an original center piece for saving season 3. I think it would be best if this new approach were achievable without spending much money. Say for example if we all were to send CBS hard copy and electronic notices of impending cancellations of our loyalty.

“Due to lack of support and poor handling of the online favorite Jericho I regret to inform you that my loyalty to your network is in jeopardy of cancellation.

Signed, Tero Nut”

“Don’t Tread on Me” stationary could be employed and the DTOM flag could and should remain our central visual theme. Cancelling CBS is just one idea but it is a good example of a theme that each of us could run with and embellish with our own personalities. Let's find something new to set us apart and something fun for the media to grab a hold of.


Jericho Returns said...

Thanks Tero. This is the best idea I've heard. We're too fragmented to try Nuts again & it wouldn't be effective.

Anonymous said...

I agree....no more nuts! I have thought of snakes though. Not real ones, but rubber ones.
I like your idea as well.
Thanks for your ideas!


Balceroregontr said...

I like that idea Tero.
Debby from SC

SaveJake said...

I love it!!!
HBO's miniseries isn't hurting our slogan any either...It's all over the place! I already know I will no longer support CBS if they do not support us, their viewers.
No Nuts Please.

Ichthus said...

I like that idea. There are so many fun ways to handle it. I, also, agree that nuts wouldn't be effective this time. As we have seen there have been many imitators that have had little impact on their show's fate.