Giving the Devil his Due

K6 helps us to envision the full A cover of Jericho season 3!


Anonymous said...

Welcome back Terocious!

Anonymous said...

Welcome Back Terocious! =0)


Balceroregontr said...

Yeah Tero. You have been missed.

adoringmimi said...

Happy to see your back in the hunt for more Jericho, we need all rangers to step up their involvement. Thanks Terocious.

artzylady said...

Good to see you back Terocious! You were definitely missed!

Mark K6 said...

Good to see a new Junction post Terocious and thank you for including my photoshop cover.

Keep it coming!!!


terocious said...

Hi everyone,

I am not so sure that back is an apt description of my present state.(I know longer even have time to check my old Email address that is associated with this blog) but I want to continue to mark the journey in my own little way. I missed a lot but I have also lurked a little and I am really excited by how involved the Jericho Writers are with what is coming down the pike. Some of the other Jericho Junctions such as Harper's Island and Warehouse Thirteen are exciting as well. I'll continue to post whatever and whenever I can but also would like to open this blog up to anyone who would like to guest post There are so many stories to tell and those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it so please if you send any thoughts you would like to see published to:


I will do my best to get them up on the Junction. Until then, as Stewart 871 might say "Cheers!"