Looking Back #1



It was in May of 2007 when the Nuts campaign kicked off to save Jericho from certain death. I had only one week before began tearing through the episodes online, basking in the warm glow of being able to watch what I wanted on demand and at the cost of only a couple of short commercials. Jericho was my kind of show; it had action that was based in a compelling reality and larger than life characters who somehow seemed excruciatingly human. It was an actor’s action adventure with thoughtful writing set in a part of the country where hit shows never showed their face.

So, I guess I was kind of naïve to think that my affection for the show would be shared by enough Nielsen families to keep it on the air. Almost a week to the day after discovering Jericho there I was, discovering it had been cancelled and spelunking into my first ever forum. The CBS Jericho forum was something of a cave. There were trolls there and helpful spirits and much like the show that its inhabitants had gathered to celebrate, there was grace under pressure. One of the most gracious and indeed graceful folks there went by the name of Schumi. She had a way with words and gave the group a focus that I honestly doubt would have been possible without her. She was one of those people who is in the right place and time to make a difference and then does. She let a calm head prevail and placed her faith in the polite and well spoken. I was impressed with her then and remain so two years down the line.

She was the first of many strong women I would come to realize were at the helm of the save Jericho Campaign.


Ichthus said...

I, too, was impressed with Schumi. She stepped up when the campaign was nothing more than people calling CBS to protest the cancelation and provided leadership. When Cingram provided a list of sponsers she immediately gather up contact information. When it was thought that the CBS Board would be taken down she created a website to provide information to the campaigners. She devoted so much time and effort during those three weeks and made it look easy. She deserves are praise.

Balceroregontr said...

I too thank Schumi for her leadership. Both of you have said it more eloquently than I can.