Can Bygones be Bygones?


.It is comfortable to stay as we are but profitable to change.


K6 said...

If we are to save Jericho we will have to put the past behind us and move forward. You cannot expect everybody to like each other just don't trash the other Rangers and show respect.

There will be those who will try and disrupt the fragile peace. However if we are to unite and get the job done we need to move past the bumps in the road.

If enough people step forward and become peace keepers when the bumps appear we have a good chance.

Time to move forward and fight only for more Jericho.


Ichthus said...

Can bygones be bygones? If Friday night is any indication, the answer is no. While there is peace on the boards you can tell the divisions are still there by noticing who was posting where. Sure, we don't need complete unity to save Jericho but it would make our job easier. Maybe, people aren't ready to move on. Maybe, it will take time to move on. Question is do we have that luxury?

terocious said...

@ K6

I agree with all you say but to that last bit I would add that I see this fight as about more than more Jericho. I think it is also about our desire and ability to reclaim and perpetuate the high standards which were the earmark of the original nuts campaign and to allow us to again see ourselves as we were once proud to be seen.

@ Ichthus

Perhaps you are right my friend about things taking time but I for one am through making time into the enemy. As you have pointed out many times the Star Trek franchise grew over many years and there is no reason to think the same thing cannot happen with Jericho. Throughout much of this last year we have been operating under the shadow of time that was running out and I believe this to be partially responsible for so many reaching their breaking points.