Leading Jericho


I posted this earlier on the CBS board and thought it worth reposting here.

Everyone of us are leaders.
This movement is more like an organism than an army. Push here and something on the other side of the fandom begins to move.
I read somewhere that highway traffic has a memory of at least ten miles. This means that you having to apply your breaks might be the result of something that is happening miles up the road.
I think internet/message board traffic is similar. There is no leader, just each of us in seperate cars with the potential to cause or avert catastrophe.
By reading each others posts we become a part of a great chain of time, place, chance and possibilities. And just like in traffic, by how we respond, we have the potential to have a profound effect on one another.
We are all leaders who bear a great responsibility to the welfare of the whole.


And now Jericho reader I have a question for you: What would you like this blog to be? Is it at all helpful or entertaining at least to have commentary on events within the fandom or do you see that as more often than not simply throwing fuel upon the fire? Help me to lead the Junction in the direction you would like to see it go. If you readers only want to see Jericho news here presented in a more neutral fashion then I will strive to accomodate you. To be frank, I am no longer sure what this blog should be and need your input.

Thanks -t


Jericho Townhall said...

I know how helpful it is to have a mission for your blog. I had wrestled with the questions should I post this or post that, and should I do this or that? Then I reminded myself that Jericho Townhall purpose was to post campaign information without commentary, I did just that. It became easier to decide what should get posted and what shouldn't.

What should the Junction become? Your voice. Believe it or not I think it is important to know how someone feels about something, what he sees and what he thinks we should do. It's called prespective and others prespectives can help me decide what course I should take. Some may call commenting on the current going ons "pot stirring" but I call it gaining a fresh perspective. I may not always agree with it but it may make me stop and evaluate my on perspective on occaision. By allowing Jericho Junction to be your voice, you leave room for nuetral news stories. The other way around deprives you of your voice. I know because I'm there.

Balceroregontr said...

I always enjoy your post even though sometimes I don't fully understand them. You make me think. I hope you continue to write what you feel needs to be said. I don't ever feel you have chosen to be hurtful. You always challenge all of us to think about what we are doing. So more of the same please.

terocious said...

@ Jericho Townhall

I know about the wrestling of which you speak. It is a constant struggle to keep perspective on your own content while striving to keep it relevant both to the world and your vision of the blog. Thanks for your thoughts on this. I think you are doing an excellent job at the Townhall.


Thank you for your thoughts as well and for the nice compliments on what you find here. I do not always understand it all either but for me learning to understand has always been easier through writing.

judist63 said...

Tero, I know how difficult it must be to torment over something that is "your baby" and how badly you want to make it right for us Jericho fans. I think you do a fine job in printing what needs to be said. I do think allowing part of yourself to be represented in the blog is what makes it special to most of us. It is what makes it uniquely yours. Please continue to write your blog with your personality attached....it wouldn't be the same if you didn't. Hugs to you and thanks for your blog...I look forward to reading it more and more. I don't often post but I read it just about everyday.

terocious said...

Thank you for your input Judist t means a lot to me. :-)