Jericho Needs You!

To do what you can to help keep it alive

As most of you know I draw a good many ideas for posts from The CBS Jericho message board and today’s post is no exception. NightShade10 has created an excellent thread entitled “What Can You Do? A Ranger Check List”. In it she breaks down various ways that rangers can contribute to the cause of keeping the show alive and she does so by arranging those ways into three categories. They are: Things to do for Jericho that involve a donation or spending money, Things to do for Jericho that involve nominal cash expenditure and Things to do for free that don’t involve money or supplies, just a computer and your time.
It is the last category on the list that I would like to blog about today because this is the method that I have always been partial to for helping the show for practical reasons and to some extent on principle. I should explain myself and say that a brave soul, Kricka, Inspired me this week by revealing that she never made any phone calls on behalf of Jericho for the simple reason that she dislikes talking on the phone to people. The detail which really struck me about her story however is that she kept this something of a secret because she didn’t want anyone to think she didn’t care enough to do it. I think this is an inclination that we all can understand to some extent and it is in this spirit that I say here and now that I do not spend money on Jericho.
There are basically two reasons for this. The first is that I am a carpenter who has had my worst year financially since I got into the business. Income is down and prices are up and to be perfectly honest if I were to even approach the subject of donating to a TV show, for which my wife does not even hold the same regard, it could lead to some real problems. The second reason is a little more complex and fortunately for me has always been less relevant than the first. The second reason is that in many ways I am not inclined to on principle. I feel there are entities that should be investing in this show because it is they who stand to profit from its success and that our contribution should end with buying DVD’s and official merchandise if we are so inclined. It makes little sense to me that we should pay to make someone else money when money is so tight. There it is. That is what I have not been saying and doing but what I have been doing is giving something that is every bit as valuable in my opinion. I have been giving my time to the Jericho cause.
I hope that my statements do no ring like admonishment of those who donate money to keep this show alive or to the various humanitarian causes which have come to be associated with the show. I respect all of your efforts and investments in whatever capacity and I realize that had someone not paid to send nuts that I would not be here today. Still, I am so excited to see NightShades thread include the donation of time because as I look out over the sea of avatars and screen names that continue to fight I ask myself where would Jericho be if it’s fans had decided it was not worth the kind of time we have given it. The answer I believe is a resounding nowhere. Thank you Kricka for helping me to say something which has been on my mind for a long time.
My next post will be about how you can donate your time to Jericho by creating a blog to help keep Jericho Rangers Informed and entertained while they fight.


erika said...

Tero, I came over here to read your blog, as I regularly do, and I just wanted to thank you for your kind words. I am happy my words helped inspire yours.

Keep up the great work!

aka Kricka

kystorms said...

I agree, this is VERY important for all of our fans to know. TIME is the best donation you can give to the show, without a doubt!!!
Thank you for the great post, some may have felt less involved for not being able to spend money, and now all can feel comfortable doing what they can.

Anonymous said...

Terocious... you are brilliant as ever in your blogs! I wanted so badly to list the "free stuff" first! But, for the sake of the campaigns currently in play, I decided to do it in decending order versus ascending :-) The saying "the best things in life are free" comes to mind. And what is free, when it comes down to it? Our time, all of us is precious. We all have families, or jobs, or both, or other things that offline take up a huge amount of our day. What's always impressed me about this group was the dedication, and tenacity to dig deep and find resources. I grew up in an era where the greatest resource we had was our people. I certainly believe that is still true to this day, even though the world is pretty focused on wealth and luxury. At the end of the day, God forbid that Jericho happens in our lifetime or our childrens, we see that money won't even up the playing field and we're all left to survival skills and dedication to our country. Now as we try to survive #2 cancellation of the show, we are all left with ourselves and the power that people have to change outcomes. Thank you for your post, and your kind comments on my compilation of all the free stuff Jericho Rangers found online and gave to all on the CBS board!


alpha99wolf said...

Terocious: Outstanding blog as always. Time is the most important thing we can give to God, to others, a cause, our children, our spouse or partner, our pets, ourselves, etc. Need I go on? You are the best! Love your Jericho Junction.