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What has become of Jericho Times?


Does anyone out there have any information on the status of this valuable networking tool for the Jericho Community? I know that Jason, who published the times, went thru bouts where he was feeling overwhelmed by a combination of real life and the demands of the newsletter and I remember several months ago he asked for help with the newsletter and did not recieve much of a response. Since that time Jason's 2 jericho based blogs and the Jericho Times home page have stood still. Did Jason Get burned or burnt out? Do we know? Do we care?




Anonymous said...

My opinion is that Jason got burned out not because of the Jericho Times, but because he kept adding new projects. In fandom, you really have to know your limits and not take on more than you can handle.

I do think it's a shame that the subscriber list is in limbo.


terocious said...

I think you are right Gwen. It is really tough to know your limits until you have tested them and then it may be too late.

Anonymous said...

Hey Terocious, I just was catching up on your blog and saw this post about Jason.

Jason did not leave burnt out. He is fine and I speak to him every so often, a few times a month in fact. He either gets an email from me that says simply "check in please" or he'll appear from nowhere in an instant message pop up that begins "Hey Stranger". With school, moving and work, his life became hectic but he is still out there.

With such a hectic schedule as he began carrying, he reached out for help and got very little, time just became an issue.

The Jericho Times was a staple in this community and I think what Jason did with it was tremendous. Maybe he'll come back one day, who knows, he talks about it. But one thing is for sure, that subscriber list will be taken to his grave with him regardless.

I've spoken to him numerous times about the goldmine of communication he holds with that list. One thing about Jason, he respects the confidentiality in which his subscribers entrusted their email addresses to him, so I am fairly sure they will never leave his possession. I have just learned over time to respect his feelings about this.

That is one guy who worked hard for Jericho, I'm glad he earned a spot on the DVD, HE deserved it.

But he is ok.

...and the answer to your question is, YES, some most certainly do care.