Jericho - The One that got away

Too skinny for Jimmy and too tall for Bill...
The title above may read a little differently than I mean it and that is intentional. This post is dedicated to those moments in Jericho that for one reason or another simply did not work for me:

Item: When Stanley says “No ones been around for five years” referring to Jakes absence. The way the line is said it could just as easily mean no one has been present for five years. Sometimes this type of thing is the actors fault and sometimes it is the writers. In this case I would say the line could have been written better.

Item: When Hawkins tells the sheriff to consider using black spray paint to cover the word Jericho on the side of his car. I get Hawkins’s reason for saying it but it feels entirely like a line which was thrown in for effect to me.

Item: When Johnston trails off after telling Jake what he put the family through in their first meeting after Jakes return. This is one of those dot, dot, dot lines meaning an ellipsis is at the end of the line in a script. These are truly up to the actor to make work and I did not get the sense of history the line was meant to convey.

Item: John Smith’s miraculous escape from Jake who had the element of surprise and was standing practically at point blank range. Much of “Patriots and Tyrants” felt rushed and silly to me but that moment was just terrible. It is probably my least favorite moment in Jericho.

Item: The way that Jimmy and Bills uniforms somehow managed to perfectly fit the two convicts who stole them in Fallout.

Item: The bizarre guitar music during the shoot out with the fake cops mentioned above. Just a moment after this we see the first drops of rain turn into a deluge on the storm cellar door in a brilliant shot emphasizing how Jericho could be a completely different show at any given moment.

These were just off the top of my head. It is interesting that what I tend to remember as bad is either in the beginning of the series when the show is finding itself or in the end when it is trying to quickly wrap the story up. Does anyone out there have any moments that got away for them? Care to add them to the list?

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