Going... Going...

I just stopped by Trish Kates TV Talk to learn that she too has reached the end of her Jericho blogging road.

Great Job Trish! I liked your blog, it was smart and informative and I consider its loss to be yet another sad occasion for the Jericho Fandom.

I do not know why Trish Kate left us but I did watch on at least one occasion as she got into hot water with some over her opinions. To which I say that it is part of a bloggers job to put themselves out there and post their opinions.

If the bloggers say what they think needs to be said and the readers are willing to hang in there, post comments and make their voices heard and all of this is done in a respectful manner then a blog can become a place of real dialogue for a fandom. Bloggers may not have to play by the same rules of neutrality as a paid reporter but I think most bloggers feel an obligation to the truth. Sometimes this truth reveals itself to us in dialogue and sometimes that dialogue is best served by being kept off of the message boards where the new fans turn up. It is difficult, when writing repeatedly about a subject to not interject our own beliefs but one thing is for certain; if a blogger is willing to risk the ire of their readers to make a point then it is fair to say it is a point that is most probably on the minds of others as well and at least worth discussing. But all parties must be willing to keep coming to the table with the attitude that not one of us holds a copyright on the truth. A fandom is a community and no community can exist without communication. This lately, our communication in the Jericho fandom is down and like a flame deprived of oxygen we are gasping for breath.

In our community many have left and moved on and many of those who remain have given up on one another.

This is the truth as I see it.


Balceroregontr said...

As usual you see pretty clearly.

Rich said...

The frightening thing about diatribe directed at the wrong people often leads to the day when nobody will say anything at all. Good to see you're still covering the camps, my friend.