The Great Jericho Rewatch

Join us on Tuesday, August 5th at 10 pm EST for:
Each week, on tuesday nights, we are gathering as many Jericho fans as possible to watch the same Jericho episode at the same time - 10 PM EST.
Stream the episode from the link above or watch the episode on DVD and email CBS and tell them you watched at audsvcs@cbs.com.
There will be an undeniable draw on their servers for our episode and they will know the Jericho Rangers have paid them a visit.
After the show, post your comments on the original episode thread at CBS.
Long Live Jericho!!!


SaveJake said...

This is great Tero!!!
I'm sending this to all my email contacts that have become Jericho Fans since last May.
Thank you!

erika said...

YAY! Thanks for mentioning this. Looking forward to watching Jericho all over again.

I would love to restart the episode thread discussions.

Susan said...

Excellent...I have been having Jericho withdrawals and have been playing them on DVD as I zip around the house doing chores or campaigning for Jericho just to hear the voices of those that have been coming into my home for quite sometime now...I will be there!!

Balceroregontr said...

We are rewatching Crossroads again because so many Rangers weren't home from the convention last Tuesday. Unfortunately we will have to it on our DVDs or Itunes since the links at CBS aren't working.

Devid said...

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dan said...

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