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Jericho Juncture
I was glad to see a popular Jericho forum sent out a press release which has been getting some awesome media attention but sad to see that the only Jericho related link in the release was for the forum that produced it.
Let’s be honest about this, not everyone in the fandom will utilize this forum.
Similarly a great idea came about to re-watch all 28 episodes of Jericho each week on Tuesday nights at a designated time. This could be an amazing web statement if all of us participated and streamed the episodes causing a spike that was focused and undeniable but instead the idea was put forth as connected to a simultaneous chat in one specific chat room.
Let’s be honest about this, not everyone in the fandom will utilize this chat room.
It seems like almost everyone in this fandom has places in the Jericho network they will not go so how do we include the entire fandom in a new effort to save the show? By thinking BIG and daring to redefine our boundaries, by accepting that our greatest achievements came from working together and by remembering that our own state is as disunited as the colonies Ben Franklin addressed in his 1754 essay Join or Die:
“The Confidence of the French in this Undertaking seems well-grounded on the present disunited State of the British Colonies, and the extreme Difficulty of bringing so many different Governments and Assemblies to agree in any speedy and effectual Measures for our common Defence and Security; while our Enemies have the very great Advantage of being under one Direction, with one Council, and one Purse.”
Our enemies truly believe that there is no way for us to “bring so many different governments and assemblies together to agree in any speedy and effectual measure for our common defence.”
What say you?


JT said...

You have a good point. I have been trying to same thing for months but no one listens. That is why now for some reason I am in the middle of in-fight between the message boards. Yes, one board is getting more attention then another. Thats because they are contacting the media and did a press release. So, they are getting rewarded for their work. Now, people from other message boards should vist Jnet2 and tell people about more message boards are out there. So the new fans will know there are alot more communities out there. Great post. I just started my self on this blogging. Its fun. If you get it chance is the jerichotimes.blogspot.com ... its an opinion page.

Susan said...

Everyone was flipping out that there would not be a rally point if the message boards went down...JerichoNet folks jumped up and got busy making the forum a place that is easy to navigate. This is not about who gets what attention, it is about getting Jericho a home and then working on the issues that caused Jericho not to be renewed. I am extrememly open minded and have visited others sites, I have NO criticism of the other sites, I am just pleased that there ARE places to go if the boards are taken away. It is my hope that all who go to the forums will communicate with one another in the campaign to get Jericho a home and then let's focus on the other issues. Other fanbases are preparing to join to change the face of history.

I extend my apologies to you tero and if I offend any other site I assure you it is NOT my intention but this blog insinuates a little of the green-eyed monster.

Jericho Returns said...

Very good, Tero. Of course, not all will agree. It's not about attention or jealousy. It's about doing what's best for Jericho. It's about allowing others to have their own ideas.

I want to join a board where I am free to voice my ideas and won't be attacked for them. JNet is not known for doing that. Look how many people post about how their "friends" there treated them.

JNet is taking this opportunity to grab newcomers, who don't know what JNet is about,to join their fold. They sent a press release to get more.

Here's my point. I don't care anymore. JNet can have the entire CBS board and all the new members they want. They can send press releases until Doomsday. You know why I don't care? Because I'm immune. All I ever wanted was Season 3 and that's it.

So, let the JNet folks come here and attack me if they wish. I have no desire but to say my piece and I'm done. The day will come when newcomers will learn for themselves what JNet means & it won't be pretty.


Balceroregontr said...

Tero what is sad to me is that when I posted my idea on the CBS board (the first place I posted it) I got a wonderful response. When approached to tie in with Jeritopia by a CBS board member I thought it was great for those who like to chat. Jeritopia had been used in the past and embraced the idea even going as far as to create a room for the chats. In the thread I endorsed an idea by someone who didn't want to chat to post on the episode thread. What a great way to show CBS we still care. I checked and no one posted there. It is sad to me that when the idea was wholeheartedly accepted by RFJ that others abandoned it. If other forums wanted to chat in their own room no one would have cared. I had been away from the boards for ten days on vacation so I had forgotten that a good idea could be killed because of forum liked it. That won't prevent me from sharing my ideas with everyone. If it keeps others from embracing an idea then I feel sad for them.
Debby from SC

X_tremeroswellian said...

I think I've missed something along the lines. I don't think anyone is trying to force anyone to go anywhere. I've been at JNet2 since Jericho was cancelled (found a link on the CBS board to there) and they've been nothing but kind to me and everyone else that I've seen. I've been sharing the info. they've provided to many other places I've visited--Live Journal, myspace, JFF.

If there is discord, I haven't seen it. It's not a popularity contest--it's about saving the show. I don't honestly think anyone at JNET2 or anywhere else, for that matter, are trying to make it about anything else.

Just my two cents.

MikesMom said...

Terocious: I respect you and your work here, I have chosen not to respond to you here but rather on the thread where your blog was posted at Jnet.

Jane: WOW! You know, I just hate it when I try hard to respect a person and just can’t. But it’s a truly sad day for me when I lose respect for someone I once had it for. That day came a long time ago with you.

Your words lost all value with me many months ago. As to your obvious intent here and yesterday, to start a war of words with us, on behalf of Jnet, consider yourself notified that we will not be participating. It serves no purpose and will only create additional discord in this fandom. Take your battle somewhere else.

Grow up and start thinking about the show.

Jericho Returns said...

I neither need nor want respect from you or DC. You both know what you have done to lose my respect last year.
Your words lost value to me when you set out to destroy people who had never harmed you. JNet has no value. I have no need for a war of words as I realize all your little games. I have fought tirelessly for Jericho as you have. But, you are not willing to join with anyone to bring Jericho back because you have issues with everybody.

"Take your battle somewhere else."
How I wish you had done that. I'm sorry for you when DC turns on you and you learn a hard lesson.

terocious said...


This was my attempt to be candid about some of the political realities of our large fandom and to offer some constructive criticism on how within the scope of these realities we word and implement our ideas. I did not know how to illustrate my point without giving examples and I am sorry to those who my examples offend. I am fairly certain there was were better ways to convey my intentions but I have to wonder if they would get the same type of attention as the one I posted.

There is conflict in our house and spitefulness and innocence and the whole nine yards but until we take responsibility for our problems and begin to treat them with respect rather than disdain I do not see us ever getting along. We have become politicians and there is nothing wrong with that given the society we have collectively created. And therefore we must be willing to always be looking for the best compromise.

I do not individually title these posts so none of this should be picked up directly by search engines. So, if we want to have it out then here is as good a place as any. (In fact I would say it is better a better place than some.)


MikesMom said...

As a site that has always linked off its home page to the other fan forums and chats here since the day it went live, I would love to know how you come to your conclusions.

Can we say the same for them? With the exception of Jericho Kansas, Inc., no we can't. So who exactly is not willing to work with who Jane?

I'm witnessing people from over three dozen forums working really well together on alot of efforts.
Members of these forums are joining in and taking the efforts home with them to spread the word further. Isnt that the goal here?

Who is it exactly that we are not willing to work with? I thought everyone was supporting the efforts of their choice from their home forum.

I am having a very difficult time understanding what it is you are even talking about..but thats not new.

Ichthus said...

What hope do we have for getting a third season if we continue to view other forums as the enemy? It is sad to see a great idea like "The Great Jericho Rewatch" being snubbed because it involves those "other forums". Jericho will live or die because of our efforts not because of the forums we belong to. I have always tried to judge any initiative not by who proposed it but whether it has any merit. It is time for the forum rivialries to end. When the cancelation notice came, I began thinking about where I would go if the CBS board was taken down. I decided that I would not make any one board my new home but would go and visit each and every one and get to know those communities. I am a Jericho fan and I hope that whatever forum I visit I will find more Jericho fans.

erika said...

When the idea of the Jericho Rewatch was floated, we had precious little time to get the word out. Less that 24 hours. We posted the idea on CBS, the board where everyone keeps saying is where we should be launching our ideas, and made the suggestion that you could visit Jeritopia and watch it with other fans. By no means did we imply that you HAD to go there to participate. If it came off that way, I certainly apologize for that. Just looking for a fun way to enjoy the show while getting the attention of CBS.

Also, Debby DID mention that people could watch it online and post the next day at the CBS episode threads, but that idea was ignored, most likely because we had so little time to get the word out.

Next week will be better. And the week after that will be even better. This is not about picking sides or leaving out ANY fan, but about remembering it's the show we love, and showing CBS our numbers.

Anonymous said...

Much has been said lately about the current state of affairs in the Jericho fandom. We feel now is a good time to state the Radio Free Jericho opinion on the matter.

RFJ is not concerned about "competing" with other Jericho sites. We are not advocating any one site over another as "the new" rally point. People will go and stay where they feel comfortable - and that's ok.

RFJ is not interested in becoming involved in any disputes over who is or is not in control of or leading the fandom. We feel the Jericho fans have proven they are an intelligent group and they will choose for themselves who they wish to follow.

RFJ has a long standing history of working with established sites in the fandom such as http://www.jericholives.com - http://www.jerichorallypoint.com - http://www.jeritopia.com - and those relationships will continue. We will also continue to share information with the CBS forum as long as it stands.

The primary focus of RFJ is to be a good citizen in the Jericho fandom - working on keeping the spirit of Jericho alive, keeping our membership updated on current efforts to save Jericho, suggesting ideas when needed, and providing a fun and informational site for the fandom.

Stop by and visit us - we would love to see you at Radio Free Jericho!

Ka4ist - owner
maybei - admin

SaveJake said...

Tero......I think I understand what you're saying but I took it differently then everyone else I think!

As I see it, when giving 'press releases' to help Save Jericho it would help to give all sites and info as a group listing. We could use the publicity!!!!

Also, I don't go to the boards any more. Just not a productive place for me. So I found out about the Rewatch on Digg! I watched...I Dugg...I was so disappointed that we could not muster up but maybe 20 Diggs. The button was below the screen! No one pushed Digg when they were done watching?! Or no one was watching. Either way, we could have made a statement and we looked weak.

The politics of it all has stopped progress of the fandom. I still want Season 3...That's the only reason I'm still here every day. We need to do it together or we can't do it.

Anonymous said...

As our fans have various interests and comforts, we have found different places to settle. None of the boards are worse or better and all have somethng to offer and we should be visiting the others besides our favorites. This is how a free flow of ideas and information happens. And how we can all find the space we like best.

But a press release should point prospective press back to ALL the boards,not just one. Reference all of them and all boards are equal. Reference one and you have created division instead of harmony.

The same basic information should be available by link or post on all boards. Not everyone will wander but they are still a part of our family.

Variety is good. Isolation is not. We need to promote the good here.

MikesMom said...

To NB47 and SaveJake. I swore I would not reply here again but I respect both of you and feel it is necessary that I answer to your comments.

First, it is important to know that we were informed back when we were involved with the Treasure Hunt that RFJ would "have nothing to do with anything that JerichoNet participated in". Now, had we have listed the other sites as "other Jericho forums" and ommitted just the one, well, this same round of posts would have insued, probably worse.

From inception, we have been made to feel like we stand alone as a forum from certain other forums. There are no links to JerichoNet or mentions of us on JRP, Jeritopia or RFJ. Its very clear to all by now that the admins of we and them have history and don't "see eye to eye". Yet, from the beginning, we have always extended the courtesy of links and mentions for the good of the show.

With the trouble in this fandom, it was not for us to assume that any other sites were on board or supportive of the efforts we had either at JerichoNet or those referenced in the Press Release, quite the opposite in fact. In reading all the boards, some choose to only write to Paramount, Some to Networks, Some are sending Nuts, but clearly the forums are not all doing the same. To me, thats fine, we are all doing what we can, noone should support an effort they dont believe in. The press release links to the thread at Jnet that houses the specific efforts that is referenced in the body of the release.

I personally have been in constant communication with JKI, trying to keep them up to date on what we are hearing, they are doing the same. A representive is participating at Jnet collecting and sharing data and informaton from IMDB and multiple other forums.

So, lets wave hello to the pink elephant already, lets not make this about everyone, its not. The admins of Jnet don't get along with the admins of RFJ, JRP and Jeritopia. Why? Well, there are three sides to every story, mine, yours and the truth, so it does no good to open that can of worms.

It is also my belief that had we listed these other sites in the release, we would have been accused of sending a message that they supported what we were doing and we would be sitting here today defending that we were wrong to do that. Can't win.

However, I will speak on behalf of the admins of Jnet when I say, its' the show that matters. My email address is very available to anyone and everyone. I am by no means a difficult person and have always left the lines of communication open to resolve these issues.

The dislike runs deep on both sides, but there is no one at Jnet that has ever been unwilling to put these differences aside for the sake of Jericho. Will we ever work together in harmony? Who knows. There are alot of issues to be resolved on both sides that have just festered over time I fear. But did anyone ever try?

I hope I have answered to this to everyones satisfaction.

SaveJake said...

Good day everyone......
Okay I would like to say that I don't care what the personal problems are between anyone or any boards. I belong to every board! It's the politics that tears away from the function of the 'boards'.
I am here for Jericho as I think most are. There comes a time when you have to look at things from the outside in and figure out what's important. Jericho Season 3 is important to me. I can't take the time for issues other than seeing more Jericho and it seems time is running out.
I wasn't pointing fingers at any one group. I was giving suggestions for a stronger campaign. Again, the politics are in the way of helping Jericho. This is even sadder than CBS dumping on us. Were letting each other down.

terocious said...

@ JT,
I stopped by the Jericho Times Opinion Page this morning and left you a comment about Nut’s to Nielsen. I hope people take you up on your offer to have their opinions posted there as well. I think it is great, as I said in my original post, that JNet created a press release. I just wish the release could have either included more links to sites within the fandom or that the language of the release made it clear that this was an initiative undertaken by one forum within the fandom. The release which went out was worded as though it were an official New Save Jericho Campaign. It declared JNet to have been set up in order to be a rally point for all Jericho citizens if the CBS boards were taken down. In my opinion a release like this leaves very little room for others sites to do the same without muddling the waters and therefore I think more care could have been taken with the wording. This criticism of mine is not of the forum itself but merely of this document.

@ Susan,
I am not sure what you mean about this post smacking of the green eyed monster. (Jealousy/Envy) If you care to clarify I will be happy to respond.

@ Jericho Saved,
I considered removing this post. I have never been in the position before of having to decide what an attack is when I was actually able to do something about it. I decided to leave the post because I do highly respect you and because the words you have uttered here are living proof of the pain and suspicion which exists within our ranks. I am convinced that you are not the odd one out here.

@ Balceroregontr,
I like SaveJake learned about the Great Jericho Rewatch on digg. I love this idea. My only qualm here was with the presentation. I felt because rifts in the fandom do exist that it would have been more prudent to present the idea as an initiative for the entire fandom and then watching parties could easily have been set up on the various boards. By the way, I watched the pilot on Monday night at 10 EST on two different computers andI intend to keep watching each week. One question: Are we really going to watch that dreadful recap ep?

@ X_tremeroswellian,
Hi, pleased to meet you. It does my heart good to hear that you have not witnessed any of the discord of which I speak. This helps me to bolster the notion that all is manageable.

@ mikesmom,
I went to the Junction thread on JNet but did not see your response. The respect is mutual I assure you. I had a difficult time ascertaining what you were addressing to me and what you meant for Jane in your second comment. But I will assume the “site which links to other sites” is directed at me. If you are asking about the festering wounds that I believe afflict the fandom I draw my conclusions because I have seen it. I have seen Jealousy, Pettiness, paranoia and hate. I have watched folks leave because of it and seen how that has affected those who were left behind. I have seen it play out on Digg.com in regard to who will digg what. (Sadly I can almost predict it and re-opening my own mind is something I need to work on.) I have sat silently by many times and let my tongue get the better of me on other occasions. So, all I can say, is I have been here and I have seen it.

@ ichthus,

@ Erika,
Yes, this idea for the GJR came late but I sure am glad it came. The dig drew a number of non- Jericho folk and that is great. I missed the bit about posting in the episode thread and for that I am sorry. I think this will get better thru the weeks as well.

@ Ka4 and Maybei,
Well Said.

@ SaveJake,
I was under the impression that downloading the show simultaneously was making the statement but now that you mention it Digging the episode we Rewatched is a great idea.

@ nightbird47,
Well said.

@ mikesmom,
You posted a response while I was writing this morning and I would like to give your new comment some pondering time before I reply to it. But I will go ahead and post this as is without reading what you have newly written.


Balceroregontr said...

Tero, I am going to leave you both links for the idea to rewatch the show. The first thread was first titled what are you doing on Tuesday at 10PM. I changed it to the current title on Tuesday morning. http://boards.cbs.com/n/pfx/forum.aspx?tsn=1&nav=messages&webtag=CBSMBJericho&tid=25695

The Great Rewatch Thread

alpha99wolf said...

As I'm no longer part of the Jericho "family dysfunction," I am impressed by fans finally speaking the truth. Pettiness, Jealousy, Egos, Superiority and Inferiority complexes have destroyed the fandom. All along, there has been an "us" against "them" attitude. One fandom site resents the other. One strong truthful point stands out: In the beginning, there were leaders. And the leaders were good. They had ideas, were motivating people who had new ideas, supported newcomers, etc. Those fantastic organized leaders were forced to leave due to the masses proclaiming they didn't need them. Then the cruel lies & attacks started against people. I can tell you that I respected many people, no matter if they were RFJ or JNet or Nutsonline or Rallypoint or whatever. Many became friends. I personally was maligned by factions of many sites. Why? I will never understand. I still respect many of the people who hurt me. I forgave them and moved on. But I won't participate at a site where I know I could get hurt again. I don't go back for more b.s. Those who are now in control, let them be in control. We see the results of that now. RFJ, just as any site, evolved and changed - for the better. At least I've had no false accusations towards me there, and find that opinions can be expressed freely there. Why does the ostracizing of RFJ continue? Jeritopia is a great place. JNet also has a great chat place. I don't post anywhere now because I don't support Jericho. I don't want to be a hypocrite. It hurts not to have the fun I used to have. But I can't risk getting involved in competitive games. Games that become personal when people I respect & trusted allowed very hurtful things to be said about me. With nobody coming to my defense. Except kittyping & icthus. And I see that those games are alive and well. Grow up, People! You or they or them are not always right. Terocious has always been diplomatic in his articles. Seems that in order to be part of Jericho, one has to choose sides, choose a fandom site, alienate others by choosing fandom sites, and continually have to be on guard. Let the past go and move on already. Ka4ist and Maybei have done a wonderful job at RFJ. DC has also done a wonderful job at JNet. I realize that none of them can control who posts where, even if there is hard feelings. That is where we all have to move on. But it seems that nobody gets it. Forgive, move, you don't have to forget, or let it happen again, but for God's sake, get over it. The obsession with protecting one's own territory is childish. Look at all these responses. What do you see? Just because someone suggests a chat room or a place where fans can go, another group won't cooperate. A press release comes out and should have included all the sites. That is only fair. But it didn't. All I know is that this -- all this crap -- and more --- is why I left. It is all vying for attention. For notoriety. For popularity. Is it worth it? Tero doesn't need to apologize for statements that make people think. Just as a movie critic does not need to apologize for a personal opinion. And that has been the problem all along -- personal opinions and even the truth can't be stated without someone attacking. Are you all that fragile and insecure that you can't see the truth? That you can't accept the truth and assess your own behaviors? UGH! Nothing has changed at all. That is why Jericho fell. Glad I made my last postings at RFJ. At least they are able to accept people for who they are, accept differing opinions and allow for freedom of speech. DC - your JNet was like that when I posted earlier on also. Due to events on cbs board, I know you understand why it's better I didn't post anymore.

terocious said...

This post came about because I was finding it increasingly difficult to choose PRIORITY DIGGS. I took a good look at the reasons and it seemed to me that in many cases we were cutting off our nose to spite our face. The main thrust of my argument has been that we are politicians who need to consider how our actions will be perceived. I do not think that everyone in the fandom will ever work together in harmony or even trust one another but there are plenty of real world examples of different states with different opinions coming together to achieve mighty things. Diplomacy and compromise are what I believe are the most important skills for us to cultivate. The good is not the enemy of the perfect; in fact the good with positive energy is what got us our show back to begin with.

@ mikesmom,
I thank you for sharing your observations with the group gathered here on these comments. I have seen much of what you have stated with my own eyes. I have also witnessed at least one opportunity where JNet could have reached out to someone who overlooked them and did not. We are victims to the extent that we allow ourselves to be victimized and we are victors to the extent that we reach out and allow others to share in our victories. Why am I addressing this to you? Because you were the one who was willing to put it on the table here, for all to see. That is a great victory and I thank you for allowing us to share in it.

@ savejake,
Semantics are a funny thing because in my opinion you are absolutely right, the politics are getting in the way of saving Jericho again. But I would offer that it is our relationship to our politics that is the problem and not the politics themselves.

@ alpha99wolf,
Your message brings to light that we will never be truly out of or over the Jericho experience. That it is a shared experience may seem obvious but it bears repeating often so we remember this: By being good to others we also are good to ourselves.

Anonymous said...

This is sad - seeing people be so vicious to each other! IF WE'RE ALL WORKING TO GET JERICHO BACK, WHAT'S THE PROBLEM???

As far as I'm concerned, anyone (& I mean ANYONE, sometimes including the more prominent people on the threads) who is rude, short-tempered, or down-right mean should be barred from all the sites.

I'm new to blogging - Jericho brought me into it. But some of the nasty people are beginning to drive me OUT.

kittyping said...

I was pleased to see Wolfies comment. I have tried to keep in touch but for various reasons It has been awhile. I have been around the boards for about a year. For the most part I read the comments and take them for what they are worth. A couple of times I felt things got out of hand and couldn't resist putting in my 2 cents worth. i have no ill feelings toward anyone but I do have some prety rigid principles and I will stand up for them. Most of the time my comments were prety mild. Unfortunately I can't say the same for some of the posters. I could care less what board you are from. I happen to be comfortable with the CBS board and know I will have to find a new home. Where, I don't know. Maybe that will be decided for me. I hope not. I feel I have made some friends while here but evidently I also have made some enemies. I love the Jericho story because we have come so close so many times in my lifetime to having to deal with this type of situation. My fight has nothing to do with CBS, Jericho, or anything else but the need to educate the people who have had it all their way for so long. It won't last and they need to be prepared. Dropping this show is just another example of dumbing down America. If you don't know any better, you don't expect any better. I don't know if I'm getting my point across but I hope people will stop and think about what they are doing.

AmyV said...

Tero, I think you made some excellent points and I'm just sorry that your post turned into another example of the problems that have afflicted the Jericho fandom.

What I wish could happen is that everyone just recognized that affecting change is what's important, and even if Jericho weren't to be picked up for a third season, the industry would change how it measured success.

all the rest of it, honestly, just gets kind of silly. who prefers to use which websites, forums, etc., is missing the forest for the trees.

and still is.