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Good Money after Good…
I know I have been pretty much out of things for two weeks now but I have continued to read the boards and I would like to suggest that Jericho fans call a moratorium on asking others to spend money on Ideas to promote Jericho. My strained wallet hurts just reading all of the various ideas as they come along. Times are hard and the last things folks need to feel is that they are less than loyal if they do not put out for the latest, greatest idea to draw attention to the show. I am not talking about DVD’s for the troops. That is a separate, seasonal initiative undertaken by a group of folks who, yes want to promote Jericho but mostly want to provide some respite to our soldiers overseas. I am talking about skywriting and nuts and flowers and ads in more magazines. The Variety ad and the one coming out today in Nielsens own Hollywood Reporter need some time to do their thing. I will not post this on any of the boards and I will not dwell on it further but I believe that for now, money has taken us about as far as it can.
I would hate to think that the great fans of this great show will see hard times ahead because they over extended themselves in their efforts to once again save it.


AmyV said...

As always, very well put, Cousin T. I know that I've felt vaguely guilty not contributing in the past, but I'm the sole breadwinner for my family and we have two little guys. I made the decision to blog as much as I could about Jericho in exchange, often giving time on nights and weekends to get posts up for the coming week. That's been my contribution, though I've always felt guilty, as if it wasn't enough.

Anonymous said...

Although I agree that the Jericho fans should not fundraise just to be doing something, I don't believe that people's feelings about the fundraising need to determine if the fundraising happens.

In my other fandom, there is one fundraiser that makes $10,000 every year with only 200-500 people. You would think the well would run dry, but it hasn't. This fundraiser has been happening for over 20 years.

There are many other fundraisers that happen within that fandom, some are for other charities and some are for the fandom. People pick which fundraiser they wish to support and no one feels guilty if they don't have the funds, since they know someone else will step forward.

People running the fundraisers don't accuse others of not supporting them, and unfortunately I have seen this happen in the Jericho fandom. In my opinion, that attitide hurts the fandom more than the money coming out of our collective pocketbook.