Creative Fandom: Reality Agent ~ The Nina

Once upon a midnight dreary, while I pondered, weak and weary,
Over many a quaint and ancient post,
My fingers tapping, gently rapping
On my keyboard on the floor,
I saw a message-it's been cancelled!
Quoth the Nina, "Nevermore!"
Deep in the darkness I was peering, with a gnawing, growing fearing,
While the frantic posts were flowing,
Tension growing!
"What?" we screamed, still somehow knowing
This was no joke for Jericho,
Quoth the Nina, "Nevermore!"
Quickly we assimilated; never pausing, never jaded.
We would fight the powers who've underrated our precious Jericho!
But, wait, we wondered, fight with what?
Why, we will send them lots of nuts!
Somehow we'll bring back the show!
Quoth the Nina, "Nevermore!"
But the silence was unbroken, and the media gave no token.
Not a single word was spoken
About returning our beloved show.
Until one day, the Nina said,
"Fine, okay, the show's not dead!
We'll give you a 2-hour wrap up show."
Merely this and nothing more.
Back in my chamber I was burning,
This is not the show returning!
Nothing less than Season 2!
The nuts kept coming, as nuts will do;
The media, though too much influence bore,
Quoted the fans, "We want more!".
Now 7 episodes we've been given,
but still the fans-they stay driven.
They talk, they write, they digg, they post.
Their love of Jericho is enough
To keep them going, but still it's tough.
The comeback of Jericho is now lore,
But a future cancellation??
Quoth the fans of Jericho, "Nevermore."
Reality Agent writes:
"I had fun toying with "The Raven". I wrote it during the long, dry spell we had to go through with no word from CBS. We were all tired and frustrated, and Nina had placed the burden of the show's success on us. One day the addictive beat of the poem got stuck in my head, and combined with the ongoing saga of Jericho, "Quoth the Nina" seemed like a good ending to the stanza. As she was always the bearer of bad news for us and I felt like we were at her mercy, I just manipulated Poe's work of art into our Jericho story."
If you would like to compare it with the original you can find it HERE


Balceroregontr said...

What a creative ranger she is. I love it.

Anonymous said...

I remember reading this ages ago, and I'm just as amazed at the creativeness today as I was then! Thank you for finding this and bringing it out again for us :-)


MikesMom said...

RAFF, I remember when you did this and was just amazed by it, and your talent to put this together.

Thanks Terocious for bringing back a nice memory.

You're the best RAFF!


terocious said...

@ Nightshade and MM

You're Both Welcome I really enjoyed revisiting it as well.

@ Reality Agent

Thank You.