Jericho: As The World Burns


"What light through yonder window breaks?"
-Romeo And Juliet Act 2, scene 2, 2–6
In college I ran with a pretty tough crowd. Well, for an arts school that is and a fenced in art school at that where my new buddies who were full of angst were going stir crazy. On many a weekend night we ended up way too drunk and literally fighting amongst ourselves. It would start with wrestling and before you know off to the side one of our group would start saying “It’s going to turn real!” And then, of course, to some extent it did…

I had another friend attending the school who was from my hometown. She was a rebel herself but her cause was truth. One night she said to me that she believed the reason we boys fought was to express our love for one another.

My point is that as I have followed these relationships, closely and not so closely, over the last 16 months the fact that we all seem to congregate in conflict is starting to feel as much like love as anything else.

Call me crazy…


Balceroregontr said...

Except as the group that loves to fight continues to fight the rest of the group is walking away. it is a good think there are no new campaigns needing funding because I have a feeling we won't have to people to do anything big.

terocious said...

Hi Debby,

Yes, you are right that some people who are directly affected or afflicted if you will leave for good but I would be willing to bet, others become Lurkers so they can continue to watch the show without being an actor.

To some extent this whole thing is like a soap opera and like a soap opera is it possible that some of us have become addicted to it. I can use myself as a case study. Last night I could not stop reading. I know the characters involved and I know how I relate to them and I care what they have to say. This is what made me hit on the love memory today, the recognition that these people mean something to me and that I return to the boards because I care about them. The story is relevant because that is not what I always tell myself. Still it is true none the less.

Anonymous said...

Hi Terocious,

I was wondering when someone was going to use the soap opera analogy.

My favorite one for my historical group is "As the Tourney (short for tournament) Turns". I remember one time being in my encampment late at night and reading a historical novel that was all about the intrigue of the court of Henry VIII. I could not believe how much of it was similar to the day I had just lived.

I had spent the day supporting a dear friend, who had her reputation trashed in the same way people are trashing each other in the Jericho fandom.

I remember convincing her to not drive home, that she needed to be there for the next day. I even convinced her to go to her council meeting the next morning and told her who to sit next too. Then my household made sure she got her good and drunk.

If I had not watched the power struggles in this group for years, then I would not have been able to advise my friend. That night meant a great deal to both of us.

We watch the power struggles because we learn things, and sometimes what we learn will help us or those we care about.


P.S. My friend lost her battle with cancer four years later, and if I had not been there for her that day she might have left the group in disgrace.

terocious said...

Hey Gwen,

This was an amzing story and I am really gald you posted it. Your friend was lucky to have a friend like you. Sounds cliche but it is true an we in the Jericho fandom are lucky to have you as a friend as well. ;-0