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Can Jericho break through to Star Trek Success?
Is it even fair to compare them? Star Trek snowballed into the powerful franchise it is in an age when the shows re-runs were only up against 6 or so other channels of programming. It made it's way to the silver screen in part because of the wildly successful "Star Wars". Each show had a beginning a middle and an end and was independent of the next. Examining these shows side by side they could not be more different. Still, Jericho has already gone boldly where no other show has gone before and if it can pull off a third resurrection then the C in Cult could mean Cash to the company that chooses to back it. Whomever that would be they will need to see Jericho as a new phenomena and market it as such. They should look at what Jericho isn't so they can capitalize on what it is.
Jericho, like the town it was named after, has found itself all alone in the television world and that could prove to be it's most valuable asset.


terocious said...

These two shows have been compared a great deal by myself and others.

This post came about now as a result of reading an exchange between Ichthus and NorsU on the CBS Jericho Board. I placed it here on the Junction because it is more of a musing on the Star Trek/Jericho connection then an actual addition to their debate.


Balceroregontr said...

The connection I see between the two besides the brought back from cancellation one is that they both are epic stories. Star Trek was not a serial but did tell a story about exploring a new world and so does Jericho but in serial fashion.