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Happy New Year Jericho Fans

I have to admit that I was already a little tipsy when I got to Jeritopia at about quarter till twelve on New Years Eve. My intent was to remain fairly quiet and enjoy the company but I got a phone call from an old friend so I had to settle for glancing occasionally at the screen and watching the names and comments of my Jericho cohorts scrolling along. For months now we have watched each other come and go. We drop hints about “real life” as we attend to our daily business of living but we have all been elsewhere and wondered: “What is going on right now? Who is watching the fort? What will I find when I get back?” Sound serious? I think you could say that many of us would never have believed just how serious our fandom could become. Some of us have gotten ourselves into a fair amount of trouble over our loyalties. We have all heard and maybe made the argument that this is just a TV show and we should take care to keep it in context. But I do not believe for one minute that this has all been about a TV show. I think what Jericho represents to each of us is far more complicated and personal than we let on. I think we were in the right place and time to witness and be part of a movement of change that has touched each of us deeply. All along I have enjoyed the deep feeling without ever being able to articulate it and along the way I have come to regard your screen names and avatars as representatives of someone who understands exactly what I cannot say. By the time I got off the phone with my friend last night I was in such a state that I somehow closed Jeritopia without even saying goodbye. It was okay though, because I knew you guys would understand.

Happy New Year Jericho Fans and Many Happy Returns!!!


lovejohnston said...

I'd say everthing in moderation is best.

Balceroregontr said...

Happy New Year Tero. I believe that Jericho does speak to our hearts. I believe that the battle to bring it back was about more than a TV show. Jericho was quality entertainment and I know I want more of that. I am glad to have met you along this journey. May 2008 be especially blessed for you.
Debby from SC