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SaveJake - 8 random things


* My most important life lesson was taught to me by my father. I was very young when he explained to me the difference between telling the truth and not lying. He always believed in telling the truth. I have lived by that to a fault. My Dad was always my hero.

* All my 'best days' include children. They are precious to me.

* I play the flute, piccolo, and saxophone. I also sang in a rock band when I was a teen!

* I've spent most of my life in the gym. I played hockey, basketball, softball, lacrosse, and soccer. Love working my body...it keeps the mind clear.

* I have won four President's Awards from the corporations I have represented. Wow, now they were parties!!!

* My favorite place is the ocean...day or night...summer or winter. The sound of the waves, the smell of the air, and the sand under my feet. It's connects me to the rest of the world.

* I spend a lot of time watching sports. I enjoy watching athletes giving all they have. I believe if you've given your best, there are no losers. My favorite athlete is Tiger Woods. Not only does he always give his all on the golf course, but he gives so much to make the world a better place.

* My favorite sound is laughter...real happiness of the heart laughter!

I tag MadCanadian, Need2No, and Scoobud3.

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terocious said...


Thanks for letting me host your 8 things. I remember when I first started noticing the beauty of Tiger Woods swing. Thank you for giving me an oppurtunity to share that observation. I understand the picolo is difficult to play. The ocean on the other hand is never difficult.

SaveJake said...

That's my favorite Tiger commercial...it is a work of art! Thank you for hosting my memes on Jericho Junction, it was my pleasure.
You always do such great work!
Ahh...the beach!!!

Jericho Returns said...

Thank you both for this. Tero, you selected a wonderful person. SaveJake, I will always be a fan of yours. Thank you for sharing more of yourself with us.

SaveJake said...

Wow Jane that means a lot to me.
You see, I have always been a fan of yours!

Anonymous said...

Savejake: It was interesting reading more about you. We share the love for the ocean...nothing like hearing the splashing of the waves. You play quite a few musical instruments. Don't know how you multi-task all that with your sports & other work for Jericho. I loved hearing about you. alpha99wolf