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Jericho: Torrent-ial Reigns

For some the temptation may almost be too much; posts began appearing this morning around the Jericho fandom that the first 3 episodes of season 2 were available for immediate download on rapid file sharing sites which use Bit Torrent technology.

From the Bit Torrent website:

“BitTorrent DNA is a content delivery service that uses a secure, private, managed peer network to power faster, more reliable, more efficient delivery of richer content. BitTorrent DNA works with your existing CDN or origin servers, seamlessly accelerating your downloads or HTTP media streams.

With over 150 million clients downloaded, BitTorrent is the consumer standard for software and content distribution on the Internet. BitTorrent DNA extends the open BitTorrent protocol into a managed platform for commercial-grade content delivery.”

There are many reasons to wait for these 3 episodes but I don’t believe given the above description that poor quality would be one of them. Frankly, I think the conception that pirated material online will generally be of poor quality is a thing of the past. Rather I think the opposite is true nowadays.

Most real Jericho Fans are going to put out some hard cash to purchase a copy of the Season 2 DVD when it’s released so the notion of pirating the material could be rationalized away by considering these Eps an advance on what they are going to pay for anyway.

I think Solidarity stands as the soul indisputable reason to wait. I think we should wait to watch these episodes together just as we waited for a date together. I think we should savor this last month of waiting and really enjoy one another once again. Having these episodes be made available to us is actually a blessing because we now have the option to come together and be united in a way that has really become difficult for us over the last two months or so. We get to choose our fandom over ourselves and if we want to we get to watch Jericho together on Februray 12th and beyond.

I want to, how about you?


Anonymous said...

I agree this something the fans need to unite behind. We have been told several times the ratings for the new episodes are important to securing a third season. Viewing these illegally posted episodes will not help our cause. I can wait an additonal month if it will us help get a third season.

Debby said...

Not only is it the moral thing to do it is the smart thing. Illegal sites can attach Trojan horses and viruses to downloads that can mess up your hard drive. I hope we stay united against this illegal activity.
Debby from SC

terocious said...

A search using the keywords "Episodes Leaked" brought results from the shows 24,family guy, Sopranos, atlantis and Jericho all on the first page. Apparently episode three ends in some sort of cliff hanger prompting chatter on the web that this leak may have occured on purpose. The whole thing may ultimately work in our favor if those folks who watched the pirated three tune in from episodes 4 on. It may just give us a ratings boost mid season.

Anonymous said...

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