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Every Digg Counts?

I started a page on the Junction called Every Digg Counts a couple of weeks ago. I posted about it on the CBS boards. In that thread I made the following plea to all Jericho fans:

“I think the time has come for me to make a plea for unity on the fronts of Digging and Hey Nielsen. Digg and HN are two sites where results completely depend on our strength in numbers. I implore you, let's support one another with our Diggs, Comments and Opinions once again as we take the viewers by the hand and lead them into season two.”

I redoubled my efforts on HN after this. My contributions were not earth shattering but I made sure I got there everyday. I stood side by side with many of you in the fandom and attempted to push our show up in the rankings. I put aside my personal feelings in many cases and added my hands to the work. I did this not to be a hero but in order to not be a hypocrite. Now I have begun to feel that I am aiding and abetting hypocrites. There are those among us who say their main focus is the show but take every opportunity to push their own personal agendas. This one accuses that one of having no objectivity. To this I say “Give me a break!”

The Star Wars on the CBS board, whereby threads which seem to be perfectly civil and engaging to many fans are rated as One Star, are not fueled by objectivity. They are perpetrated by people who think they can invisibly make a statement and this practice undermines the good will on the board. These actions are not objective. We (as a fandom) are appalled by the concept that digg users who are un-friendly to Jericho may be burying our stories and yet we are doing the very same thing to our own.

The ambulance chasing mentality which drives the post counts way up on contentious threads at CBS is more evidence of our lack of objectivity. I am guilty of multiple views myself. Those multiple views are how I know I have difference of opinion to overcome in the first place.

The bottom line here is I no longer ask for anyone to put aside differences to secure a third season of Jericho. I now think the only healthy way forward is for folks to let their conscience guide them. This may mean that there are some differences which cannot be overcome. So be it. I will continue to add links to the Every Digg Counts page until the 12th as I said I would.-01/27/08
Watch Jerichochannel!
Sniper101 recently took over the site Jerichochannel.tv from Rabs who found less time to work with it then expected . Rather than let the site sit dormant Rabs offered it up for adoption. Sniper agreed to take it on and together with Jericho friends Kestral, Mister Cosmic and perhaps others have put a lot of work into adding videos, picture albums and embellishing the theme Rabs laid out before them. The result is a vibrant Jericho video site! This is a great place to direct folks who are new to the show so they can further explore the world of Jericho.-01/26/08
SciFi makes new home for Jericho Fans
Fans of Jericho have their second official forum from a network hosting the show. The SciFi channel added a Jericho forum to its website sometime in the overnight hours.-01/25/08
Keeping Track
Someone claiming to be a member of the Jericho cast or crew posted this on a popular social networking site last night. I am not sure the details need to be brought to light but the message is important so I will re-post it here. I have removed one paragraph, which undoubtedly would have proven to identify the parties involved, because I believe this is something we should read without regard to loyalties. This is the internet folks; it is easy for things to get out of hand. Let us all do our best to not be the type of person a post like this would be directed at. .
Posted by Jericastcrew:
“Listen. I cannot lurk anymore on this although I will remain anonymous. Sure I run the risk of anyone believing my relationship to the show or not. Think what you will. I could be anyone. Regardless, I thought it should be known that many of us on the cast and crew of Jericho actually read a lot of this (not only the CBS board but others with links to places like this as well as other blogs).
Frankly I feel concerned when I see behavior all over the place like this by someone here. Mind you, I have a busy life and I don't see it all which tells me it's probably worse than what I've seen. I'm not involved nor will I be. I will not respond. I'm just here to say I see your behavior and I do not take it lightly. Many of us are invited to Jerichon and if there are people like this attending and if there is not sufficient security there, I'm afraid I will not be willing to attend and I will encourage one person in particular not to attend because I am concerned for this person's safety.
I hope the fans know why we have to be cautious. It's because we see behavior like this. It's a very real concern and it's sad because we want to meet most all of you! I hope this helps make people think before they speak. We see it folks. “ -01/25/08


lovejohnston said...

It must be about Ashley Scott.
People are always bashing her and it's so not fair. And it's very mean too. If I were her and saw how fans wrote about her, I wouldn't want to meet the fans either. Maybe that's why she dropped out of the Florida thing with Brad. Ever think about that?

Ichthus said...

Sometimes, people forget that the Internet is open to all people. They behave on the Internet in a manner they wouldn't dream of doing in public. I hope people will read this and think about how we must appear to the very people we supported. Thank you for posting this, Terocious.

alpha99wolf said...

I agre that people forget the internet is a public highway. This is very important and if it is a true note from cast or crew, then we must consider it a wake-up call. Thank you for this article.

Anonymous said...

Just to set the record straight, the announcement about Ashley Scott, being at the Florida convention with Brad Beyer, was posted before all the arrangements had been made.

Having worked on a convention before, there can be any number of reasons why Ashley Scott was unable to be there.

I understand the posters reasons for wanting convention security. I have a friend who actually runs a fan security group in California and goes from convention to convention helping with security. It is essential to any convention that invovles public figures.


Jericho Returns said...

Thanks Tero. Gwen, I agree that security is a must. If I were a member of Jericho I'd insist on several security measures before I attended any event.

Tero, my feeling is much the same as yours. If someone wants to use any website to promote Jericho then that's fine. However, believing that a place like H!N will affect the ratings and keep Jericho alive is a waste. If you're only using it to reach other fans then have at it.

erika said...

Thanks for your thoughtful and well spoken post. We all don't have to agree about everything, but we should agree to disagree and get on with enjoying our show.

Balceroregontr said...

What dismays me in our effort to save Jericho is that we have ceased to be civilized to each other. At times the boards more resemble New Bern than Jericho. I don't see people putting down actors I see people liking one character more than another but that doesn't concern me. What concerns me is how people disagree. If you respect someone and disagree with their opinion a coversation can be held but if you are so sure you are right and that is more important than respecting your fellow Ranger then what happens is a train wreck. I don't use H!N because I never had the time but I think that system is very flawed because to get to the top you must tear down someone else. Being able to post negative opinions without anyone knowing who you are increases the ugliness of both H!N and the CBS boards. I hope that as fans we emulate Johnston Greene and not Constatino.
Debby from SC