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Poster of Loomer by RubberPoultry
The Loomer Report
As I write, the Jeritopia chat with Mike Loomer is one hour and twenty one minutes old with no signs of slowing. Schumi spoke for everyone, I believe, when she said that we would all like to stay and talk to Loomer forever. What a great guy and yet another shining example of how the people involved with Jericho are worthy of every ounce of energy we have put forth in trying to save this show. The questions just kept coming from the thirty five or so Jericho fans in attendance and ranged from the minutest details of a Set Dressers work to what songs would be on the soundtrack of season 2. Loomer was asked what the most high dollar items were to ever be stolen from the set and he answered:

“Most of the time we lock up the high value items but things do walk, at the end of season 1 someone walked off with 3 flat screen TV's from Bailys tavern. We just had to call the insurance co.”

The Fans expressed an interest in stealing Jakes car and of course Jakes Towel.

It turns out Jakes car is a Road Runner imposter and most of the artwork in the Jericho town hall is from the Whitehouse drama West Wing.

Jericho 247 informed us all at one point that Galactic Gigolo is a real movie and The Blob envisioned an Undress me Emily doll.

Loomer wants to see a Deputies Bill and Jimmy action figure Playset.

Things have still not wrapped up over there but for Cousin T it is time for bed. Schumi said the transcripts of this chat will be posted and tomorrow I will link to it.

I would like to say a huge thank you to Mike Loomer for taking his time to be with us, I understand that he will also be attending Jerichon this year plus a very special thank you to Schumi for a great job moderating the biggest Jeritopia turnout I have ever had the pleasure of witnessing and to Morgan for acting as MC.

Goodnight Jericholand
The trancript is HERE

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maybei said...

Loomer was awesome in the Jeritopia Chat last night! We had a large turn out. Lots of great questions were asked and answered. A very interesting and fun evening!

I had chatted with Loomer there before and it is always a pleasure to see him!!

Thanks again Loomer for coming - you totally ROCK!!!