The Main Line


Welcome to Kricka's Countdown.
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alpha99wolf said...

Magnificent Job, Kricka. Thanks Terocious for posting this.

Ichthus said...

14 days and counting. I'm starting to feel the excitement.

kricka said...

Hey, Tero, did you make that South Park one? It is awesome.

terocious said...

Hey Kricka, No I did not do anything but insert the Southpark picture into that peanut frame. Some unknown awesome person made that way back when the show was first cancelled. For the countdown I am spotlighting a different piece of Jericho art each day. My idea of a header to accompany your Jericho Art.

Anonymous said...

That's my name...don't wear it out.
OMG..that's funny!! Thanks for the laugh.